Monthly Archives: October 2022 Podcast – How Custodian Safety Services make an impact

I recently recorded a podcast with the founder of Brendan Torazzi on how Custodian Safety Services makes an impact. You can listen to the podcast by following the link below:

Ep 58 Meet Cathal Uniacke & how Custodian Safety Services makes an impact

Key podcast points:

  • How I got started in OHS & Why I emigrated to Australia – 0.45
  • Differences between OHS in Ireland & Australia – 1.50
  • Why I established Custodian Safety Services – 5.55
  • The current industries I work in – 6.42
  • My feelings on running a small business – 8.30
  • Advice to OHS professionals thinking about starting a business – 9.12
  • Why the name Custodian Safety Services – 12.58
  • Our favourite clients – 14.15
  • How long before companies see the benefits of our services – 19.13
  • Advice to business owners/managers engaging an OHS Consultant – 19.45
  • What the future holds for Custodian Safety Services – 21.40

I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it informative. If you have any feedback or want to ask any questions let us know at

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