OHS Services

First Aid & Emergency Equipment Risk Assessments

As a person in control of a buisness or undertaking you have a duty to identify first aid and emergency equipment requiremnts for your workplace.

Employers must be prepared for emergency situations that may arise. Carrying out first aid and emergency equipment risk assessments and putting together an emergency management plan will ensure your workplace is well prepared.

An emergency plan is a written set of instructions based on the findings of the risk assessments that outlines what your employees should do in the event of an emergency such as a fire, explosion or dangerous chemical release.

Custodian Safety Services ensure that all risk assessments and emergency plans are easy to understand, tailored to your workplace and appropriate to the number and type of occupants.

We can also assist you to run periodic emergency drills in potential emergency scenarios in both OHS and environmental aspects in your workplace.

Integrated Management Systems & Lead Auditing

Custodian Safety Services hold Exemplar Global accreditation in integrated management systems  lead auditing.

The 3 management systems that make an integrated management system (IMS) are Quality – ISO 9001, Environmental – ISO 14001 and Occupational Health & Safety – ISO 45001.

We have the capability to develop and provide guidance on a certifiable integrated management system for companies and organisations working in any industry.

We can also perform system compliance audits on projects where auditing is required as part of the contract and the auditor conducting the audits must be a Exemplar Global or similarly accredited IMS Lead Auditor.

Where a company does not require a full integrated management system (Quality, Environmental & OHS) we can provide a proposal to develop and provide guidance on just 1 or 2 management systems as required.

We can also undertake and provide gap analysis reports (2nd party audits) on individual or integrated management systems. Our gap analysis reports include a weak areas section that outlines any gaps in the comapnies management systems and also includes some system imporvement reccomendations.

OHS Risk Assessments, Audits & SIte OHS Inspections

We have extensive experience in workshop/warehouse/storage/office/retail/kitchen waste & recycling facility risk assessments, OHS audits and OHS inspections

An OHS Consultant can audit workplace OHS documentation and inspect workplace environments in accordance with the requirements of the State Acts, Regulations, Codes or practice and Australian/New Zealand standards. We can provide an on the day written report of our findings with recommendations for improvement.

An OHS Consultant can then return to the place of initial/previous audit on an agreed/periodic date, follow up and close out any corrective actions that were identified in the previous documentation audit or site inspection.

This ensures your sites physical environment and OHS documentation meet the current demands of legislation, employment agreements specific your industry that will in turn lead to regulatory compliance greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents/incidents resulting in employee injury & lost time on your project.

OHS Plans

All OHS Plans have been developed by an OHS Consultant in compliance with State guidelines and Federal Safety Legislation for site specific management plans.

Our OHS plans are ready to use and are not blank templates. The site plan is easily edited in Microsoft Word and can be utilised on multiple projects with a few simple modifications.

Safe Work Method Statements

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a legal document that outlines the hazards that may arise from high risk construction activities and safety measures put in place to control the risks

Under the Occupational and Work Health and Safety Regulations in all states and territories a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) must be prepared before high risk construction work begins and if anyone’s health and safety is at risk because of the work. However, SWMS can be used for any other work activities.

Our SWMS are developed by an OHS Consultant and generated to fully comply with all of the statutory requirements of the OHS acts and regulations throughout Australia and the Australian/New Zealand Standards relevant to the work tasks.

Our Safe Work Method Statements are not blank templates, they contain the most common hazards and controls measures to manage risk.

We can’t see what’s happening on your site though, it’s vitally important you include site-specific hazards, assess the risk, and make our SWMS specific to your task at hand.

The content of a SWMS should be regularly reviewed and needs to include consultation with workers and other persons.

If you are changing sites or conducting a new activity, the SWMS content should be checked and amended to suit.

All of our SWMS:

  • List the type of high risk construction work being done
  • Include a risk matrix & hierarchy of controls
  • Identify personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Identify job steps and state the hazards and risks arising from the job steps
  • Describes how the risks will be controlled (Control measures)

All of our SWMS include provisions for:

  • The name of the principal contractor
  • The name, address and ABN of your company
  • The name of the person responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the SWMS
  • The date the SWMS was prepared and the signature of each worker

If you require a specific Safe Work Method Statement for your business that’s not listed in our online shop or requires a high level of technical specification, we can assist you by building a tailor made SWMS to suit your needs. Just get in touch by calling or e-mailing us on any of the contact details listed on our contact us page or by using the online contact form.

Sub-Contractor OHS Packs

Our Sub-Contractor packs are a practical compilation of documents prepared by an OHS Consultant for sub-contractors that require OHS documentation but do not need an extensive range of documents that come with Integrated Management Systems or company OHS Management Systems.

The Pack Includes:

  • Safe Work Method Statements for High Risk Tasks
  • Job Safety Analysis Template
  • Hazardous Substance Register
  • PPE Register
  • Electrical Test & Tag Form
  • Toolbox Talk Form
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Pre-Start Safety Meeting Form
  • Project OHS Managment Plan (Where required)
  • Written Instructions on Pack Use

Plant Risk Assessments

Every 12 months it is recommended that your mobile plant have a static hazard identification and risk assessment conducted on it to ensure that the machine is still compliance to the OHS regulations.

These Risk Assessments take into consideration the manufacturers requirements for the safe operation of the plant, the operational readiness of the individual plant item and the safe operational controls that are required to safe guard the employee using the plant item and the employees working around the plant item.

We will come to your site/place of work to carry out the Risk Assessment, complete the relevant documents and attach the safety decals as required for your machine to verify compliance and show the Risk Assessment was carried out.

We can also carry out due diligence and provide advice on plant and equipment modifications used in the civil construction, waste and recycling and metal fabrication industries and application of the standards to design usage issues.

Occupational Hygiene Services

Custodian Safety Services offers a range of occupational hygiene services.

We can travel to your workplace or work site and conduct assessments of any of the below environmental aspects:

  • Noise Levels
  • Light Levels
  • Air Quality
  • Vibration

All of our workplace or work site tests come with detailed written reports that include:

  • Assessment locations with images
  • Description and facts of assessment findings
  • Identification of health concerns (if any)
  • Recommended corrective action (if any)

Whistleblower Support Service

Service Benefits

  • Reduce lost time due to workplace mental health issues
  • Reduce workers compensation claims linked to mental health
  • Promote a mentally healthy workplace
  • Free up internal company management time

Service Features

  • Non-based fact based documenting of caller issues
  • Relay of fact based call information to nominated company contact
  • Referrals to professional employee assistance programme providers available

Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing

Many Australian workplaces now require that during shifts there employees are negative for traces of non prescription drugs and have a 0.00 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) Limit.

Custodian Safety Services can provide drug & alcohol testing and develop written policies and procedures where required.

Our Ora-check complete 6-1 saliva drug test kits can detect the following drug types on site in under 10 minutes:

  • THC – Cannabis Metabolites
  • COC – Cocaine Metabolites
  • MET – Methamphetamine
  • OPI – Opiates
  • BZO – Benzodiazepine
  • AMP – Amphetamine

Our alcohol breathalyzer uses advances semiconductor technology which is accurate to ±0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC.

All of our drug and alcohol tests come with written reports that detail the site location, equipment used, drug groups tested, persons tested, test results and any additional observations made during the tests.