Regulatory & Worksafe Advice

As an Employer you and your business are required by Victorian State Statute Law (Victorian OHS Act:2004) Section 22 (2) to arrange and maintain access to a person or consultancy who can advise your business and its management on their legal obligations with respect to Occupational Health & Safety as an employer in Victoria.

The attached Work Safe Guidance note details Work Safe Victoria’s position on this matter. Custodian Safety Services has extensive experience in providing this service to a wide variety of business.

If your company doesn’t employ a full time OHS advisor or cannot afford to do so then maybe you should consider engaging our companies services, in that way your business and its management will not only be compliant with the Victorian OHS Act and relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards but also benefit from the 10 years of experience Custodian Safety Services have and the various business partners complementing our services that we can offer to you and your staff.