OHS Advice

OHS Training

Custodian Safety Services currently offers a wide range of safety training through a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Training currently provided includes but is not limited to:

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Electrical Spotters
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane
  • White (Red) Card
  • Working @ Heights
  • Excavator/Articulated Dumptruck/Skidsteer/Front Loader

Due to the fast pace changes in the Victorian construction market experienced in the past 18 months at this time we are currently offering an exclusive ½ day course for small business owners and/or managers with regards to your responsibilities & legal obligations towards your employees in accordance with state laws and regulations and the site OHS rules and requirements now expected by builders in accordance with state regulations, the EBA & Australian/New Zealand Standards.

Custodian Safety Services can also develop and facilitate specialised courses tailored to your business’s occupational health & safety requirements on request.

For more information please contact us via phone, e-mail or this website’s contact page.

Post Accident & Incident Advice

Running a business is stressful enough on its own but if one of your employees receives an injury at work or your business is involved in a serious workplace OHS incident your stresses are multiplied.

With almost 10 years industry experience in civil engineering and commercial construction Custodian Safety Services has unfortunately had to deal with a number of serious workplace accidents. We have been involved from the point of emergency services on site, through the entire workcover process up to the point where the injured worker, if possible, returns to work or if not possible receives a settlement from the relevant insurers.

Taking lessons and experiences from each accident has resulted in Custodian Safety Services being confident that if the day comes when an employee of your business is involved in an accident which results in an injury that our post accident & incident advisory service can be of key importance to achieving the most positive outcome for both your business and your injured employee.

OHS Research & OHS Questionnaires

Custodian Safety Services can appoint an OHS Consultant carry out research into any OHS issues, queries or unknowns you may have and compile comprehensive reports, summary or detailed issue breakdown with all legislation, national compliance codes and standards referenced throughout so you can gain a full understanding of all your original issue, query or unknown.

Pre-Qualification questionnaires for the release of the bill of quantities in order to submit tenders for Australian Government projects or large projects being undertaken by Tier 1 builders are becoming ever more prominent in Victoria.

Custodian Safety Services has extensive experience in the compilation and creation of successful company pre-qualification questionnaire submissions built up form years of experience in the highly regulated and competitive Construction Industry in Ireland and the United Kingdom where pre-qualification questionnaires have become common place.

Custodian Safety Services can assist in the completion of the OHS and Quality Management aspects of all types of pre-qualification questionnaires and with your permission file your details on a database dedicated to you for future reference and questionnaires

Regulatory & Worksafe Advice

As an Employer you and your business are required by Victorian State Statute Law (Victorian OHS Act:2004) Section 22 (2) to arrange and maintain access to a person or consultancy who can advise your business and its management on their legal obligations with respect to Occupational Health & Safety as an employer in Victoria.

The attached Work Safe Guidance note details Work Safe Victoria’s position on this matter. Custodian Safety Services has extensive experience in providing this service to a wide variety of business.

If your company doesn’t employ a full time OHS advisor or cannot afford to do so then maybe you should consider engaging our OHS Consultants, in that way your business and its management will not only be compliant with the Victorian OHS Act and relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards but also benefit from the 10 years of experience Custodian Safety Services have and the various business partners complementing our services that we can offer to you and your staff.