Accident/Incident Investigation

Running a business is stressful enough on its own but if one of your employees receives an injury at work or your business is involved in a serious workplace OHS incident your stresses are multiplied.

With almost 10 years industry experience in civil engineering and commercial construction Custodian Safety Services has unfortunately had to deal with a number of serious workplace accidents.

We have been involved from the point of emergency services on site, through the entire workcover process up to the point where the injured worker, if possible, returns to work or if not possible receives a settlement from the relevant insurers.

Taking lessons and experiences from each accident has resulted in Custodian Safety Services being confident that if the day comes when an employee of your business is involved in an accident which results in an injury that our post accident & incident advisory service can be of key importance to achieving the most positive outcome for both your business and your injured employee.

We use the 5 whys and root cause analysis technique as part of our accident investigation service. We also assist companies in identifying and implementing suitable analysis and evaluation techniques including both quantitative and qualitative methods.