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2023 Activity Spotlight

Auditing, Audit Melbourne

We are very excited about both the type of auditing/assessing & consulting work we will be undertaking and opportunities we will be pursuing in 2023.


The key auditing contracts we will be delivering in the coming year include the project OHS management systems of principal contractors delivering projects for both Major Roads Projects Victoria (MRPV) and the Metropolitan Roads Projects Alliance (MRPA), the OHS management systems of schools as part of the Department of Education & Training OHS assurance program and the staff and contractor OHS management systems of local government authorities.

  • Symal Infrastructure & Bild Group – Independent auditing services in OHS, Quality and Environmental project management aspects against the required project specifications as required by their contracts with Major Roads Projects Victoria (MRPV) and the Metropolitan Roads Projects Alliance (MRPA).
  • Ernst & Young – Assessing government schools and education facilities as part of the Victorian Department of Education & Training OHS assurance programme.
  • Crowe Australia – Assessment of local government authority staff and contractor OHS management systems.


The key consulting work we will be delivering in the coming year includes:

  • Federal Safety Commission Accreditation – Assisting companies that undertake high risk work activities both achieve and maintain Federal Safety Commission (FSC) Accreditation
  • Certifiable Integrated Management System Development – Developing new Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and updating exiting IMS systems for companies looking to achieve certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

We hope to build on our existing auditing/assessment & consulting services and client base in the coming year and look forward to keeping you updated.

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Activity Spotlight

We have been very busy in recent months providing both auditing and consulting services for a range of clients.

Our current services and clients rage from auditing for principal contractors delivering infrastructure projects for the Victorian government and commercial shopfitters upgrading their management systems to the standard required by the federal safety commissioner (FSC) for accreditation to developing Integrated Management Systems for a manufacturer supporting the current infrastructure boom and refining management systems for a construction company that has recently implemented a software management system. See for details on what we have been doing:

  • Symal Infrastructure & Bild Group – Independent auditing services in OHS, Quality and Environmental project management aspects against the required project specifications as required by their contracts with Major Roads Projects Victoria (MRPV).
  • Unispace Australia & NZ & National Projects & Maintenance – Integrated Management System (IMS) auditing for commercial shopfitters in preparation of their respective IMS management systems for FSC accreditation audits.
  • Australian Steel Coating – Upgrade of an existing management system that meets ISO 9001/14001/45001 standard requirements, management system training, facility risk review and plant risk assessment in preparation for a 3rd party certification audit.
  • Ivy Constructions – IMS System audit and subsequent system refining and detailing following the implementation of software management systems.

Some exiting upcoming projects & contracts include:

  • Ernst & Young – Auditing government schools and education facilities as part of the Victorian Department of education & training OHS assurance programme.
  • Symal Infrastructure & Bild Group – Continuing to audit MRPV project OHS, Quality and Environmental management aspects.
  • Crowe Australia – Auditing of city councils OHS management systems with regards to both the council’s employees and contractors appointed to conduct works on the council’s behalf.

We hope to build on our existing services and client base and continue to support our current clients with their efforts to develop and implement OHS, Quality and Environmental management systems through both auditing and consulting into the future.

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2022 Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Custodian Safety Services were delighted to be a finalist in the Small to Medium Enterprise category of the annual Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce buisness awards 2022.

Our key achievements in recent years that helped us become a finalist include:

  • The development of an online shop that provides low-cost documentation to small businesses
  • Adding accredited auditing to our services
  • Operating at profit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reaching the milestone of providing services to over 150 companies across Australia

The awards were held at the prestigeous Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney and although we didn’t take home the award a great night was had, we made some wonderful new connections and rekindled some old ones.

Damian Ennis – Concise Infrastructure Consultancy & Cathal Uniacke – Custodian Safety Services at the annual IACC business awards at the Sofitel, Sydney

Dig Deep Event for Mental Health

The Dig Deep Initiative Incorporated is a passionate non-profit association made up of members who work within the civil construction industry who have decided to set their sights on raising $1million for Beyond Blue to assist their ongoing provision of much-needed support services, programs, research, advocacy, and communication activities.

In order for the Dig Deep Event to achieve this mammoth task, they will need your help. This is a challenging time, but without us working together to support Beyond Blue so that they can continue to provide vitally important support services, these challenging times may just become insurmountable for those in real need. Keep digging keep talking.

The event takes place on 29th May 2022 at 324 Perry Road, Keysborough. Event exhibitors, sponsors and donators are welcome and can find out more information on how to get involved by clicking here.

For more information on Beyond Blue and what they strive to achieve see below:

Anxiety, depression and suicide affect millions of people around Australia, impacting how they connect with family and friends, thrive at work, and live productive and meaningful lives.

Beyond Blue helps people in Australia understand that these feelings can change, equipping them with the skills they need to look after their own mental health and wellbeing, and to create confidence in their ability to support those around them.

Beyond Blue’s vision is simple: for everyone in Australia to achieve their best possible mental health.

Every donation helps Beyond Blue:

  • Provide an expert listening ear – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – through our Support Service
  • Develop and trial ground-breaking new initiatives to tackle anxiety, depression, and suicide
  • Give people the information they need, whenever they need it, wherever they live
  • Distribute free information resources across Australia
  • Produce evidence-based awareness campaigns to reach people at risk of developing mental health conditions; and
  • Fund world-leading research

Click here for a link to the Beyond Blue website

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ISO 45001 OHS Management Standard – Whats New & Why Change?

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After the much anticipated wait the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety management standard has been published by the International Standards Organisation and adopted by the Australian and New Zealand standard body.

We are seeing businesses across a range of industries here in Australia start to transition there OHS management systems to the ISO 45001 management system standard with a view to the eventual migration from AS/NZS 4801 to ISO 45001.

Whats New?

There are a lot of new changes to how a company manages there OHS in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard but for practicality I have detailed some of the key new aspects below.

  • Consistent language and increased compatibility with other standards
  • Defining context of the organisation including understanding & needs & expectations of relevant parties
  • Leadership & Commitment
  • Planning – Identification of Risks & Opportunities associated with OHS
  • Management of Change
  • Outsourcing & Contractors
  • Continual Improvement
  • Communication – Now requires worker consultation and worker participation in the decision making process

Why Change?

In comparison to the AS/NZS 4801 management standard the ISO 45001 OHS management standard is a OHS management system standard rather than and OHS work processes standard and integrates seamlessly with the new ISO 9001 Quality standard and ISO 14001 Environmental standard.

The ease of which ISO 45001 can be integrated into any existing certified Quality or Environmental management systems and associated costs savings in both internal staff and consultant time add a lot of weight to the pro ISO 4500 migration argument. When you also consider the fact that AS/NZS 4801 is likely to be discontinued in the future the argument for migrating to ISO 45001 is further supported.

In addition to the above reasons for change unlike AS/NZS 4801 which is only recognised in Australia and New Zealand the ISO 45001 standard is internationally recognised which is ideal for Australian businesses trading internationally.

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2016 Australian Workplace Fatalities

OHS, OHS Consultant, OHS Consultant Melbourne

Safe Work Australia’s latest worker fatality statistics identifies that 148 workplace fatalities have occurred from 1st January 2016 to 8th November 2016.

The below link will bring you to a numerical chart with industry breakdown:
Some notable industry trends are listed below:

Fatalities by Industry

  • Transport, postal & warehousing account for 35% of all workplace fatalities
  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing account for 23% of all workplace fatalities
  • Construction accounts for 15% of all workplace fatalities

Year on Year Comparisons

  • Transport, postal & warehouse fatalities are up 8% on 2015
  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing fatalities are down 22.7% on 2015
  • Construction fatalities are up 28% on 2015

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How Good Does it Feel to Give?

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The Australian Red Cross Blood Service are running a campaign aimed at small businesses and company’s to help meet the constant demand for blood donations.

The campaign is called RED25 and Custodian Safety Services have proudly registered to become one of the many Australian businesses encouraging clients, friends and family to donate blood and share in the feel good emotions that saving lives through blood donation gives.

Donating blood is obviously at the discretion of the individual donor but take it from my own personal experience that it feels good to give back to the very community that has helped Custodian Safety Service become a vibrant and growing OHS Consultancy. Maybe you may feel the same?

For information on how to register in Custodian Safety Services RED25 group or on how to become a blood donor contact Cathal on the details listed in this website or visit and follow the on screen instructions.

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SIA’s OHS Body of Knowledge Project

BOK Image

The Safety Institute of Australia has been busy developing a book they call The OHS Body of Knowledge (BOK) in recent years. In early 2015 the final chapters of the book were released.

What is the ‘BOK’

The OHS Body of Knowledge is the collective knowledge that should be shared by Australian generalist OHS professionals to provide a sound basis for understanding the causation and control of work related fatality, injury, disease and ill health (FIDI). This knowledge can be described in terms of its key concepts and language, its core theories and related empirical evidence, and the application of these to facilitate a safe and healthy workplace.


A defined body of knowledge is required as a basis for professional certification and for accreditation of education programs giving entry to a profession. The lack of such a body of knowledge for OHS professionals was identified in reviews of OHS legislation and OHS education in Australia. After a 2009 scoping study, WorkSafe Victoria provided funding to support a national project to develop and implement a core body of knowledge for generalist OHS professionals in Australia.


The OHS Body of Knowledge provides a basis for accreditation of OHS professional education programs and certification of individual OHS professionals. It provides guidance for OHS educators in course development, and for OHS professionals and professional bodies in developing continuing professional development activities. Also, OHS regulators, employers and recruiters may find it useful for benchmarking OHS professional practice.


Importantly, the OHS Body of Knowledge is neither a textbook nor a curriculum; rather it describes the key concepts, core theories and related evidence that should be shared by Australian generalist OHS professionals. This knowledge will be gained through a combination of education and experience.

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This article was taken directly from the OHSBOK website

129 Workplace Fatlities – Stop it Rising!

Worker Fatality

As of mid-September, 129 workers have been killed in Australian workplaces in 2014. While this number is down 11% on 2012 it is up 3.2% on 2013.

28% of 2014 workplace fatalities have came in transport, postal & warehousing, 24% in Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing and 14% in Construction.

In light of these statistics a number of industries have been identified as a priority for health and safety by Safe Work Australia.

The areas identified are:

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
  • Construction
  • Health and Community services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Storage

If we are to create safer workplaces for Australian workers it is vitally important that business owners. Directors and managers take responsibility for taking steps to improve the health and safety of employees at their workplaces.

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Recent Presentation Blitz

In Action! Cathal Uniacke, Founder of Custodian Safety Services speaking at a free information seminar on why smart businesses invest in Occupational Health and Safety Services in Northbridge, Perth.

Custodian Safety Services have recently done a number of presentations on why smart businesses invest in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), the type of OHS consulting services we have provided to date and how we can make life easier for small to medium enterprises with regards to their OHS management and obligations.

In April Cathal Uniacke, founder of Custodian Safety Services presented to a full house at the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Networking Breakfast in Café De Tuscany in Melbourne’s Central Business District.

In May we presented to a full house at the Business Network International (BNI) networking session in the Keysborough Golf Club, Keysborough and in June we completed our recent blitz of presentations when we held a free OHS information seminar in Rosie O’Grady’s, Northbridge, Perth.

“The presentations went really well and a number of solid leads have been generated so hopefully we can start to assist more and more SME’s with OHS management difficulties they may be experiencing.” Said Cathal, commenting on the recent presentations.

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